Happy StPaddys!

May you always have walls for the winds,
a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
and all your heart might desire.

Click image to download and have a lovely St. Patricks Day!

Wishing on a star

... to follow where you aaaaaaaaaaaaaare!
Tomorrow is StPats, Easter is not too far away and from the bottom of my heart, I don't like Xmas. So why the heck stars? No clue, guys, I just fancied making them. Some are flat, some 3D.
Make sure to click on the preview to see them full size, please.

We're off to see Edguy tonight- I can't wait!

F###### with fire-I'm coming to rock got my rocket on fire and I take what I want
F###### with fire-loaded and cocked
you never miss it until you've begun with the hair force one

Hair Force One... I can't seem to get over this one, after years and years since I first heard it in Osnabrueck, Germany. LOL! It's been a while since I last went to a live gig, and darn, did I miss it. Glad the season starts again! Tinnitus sanctus...

Download the starry stuff here and

Free Rice

No, guys, this is not a freebie, sorry.
When reading the Pioneer Womans blog, I stumbled about
They have little quizzes to test your vocabulary, grammar, foreign language skills, maths, chemistry or geography- every correct answer you give generates a donation of 10 grains of rice to a poor region (apparently financed by a little banner on the bottom of the page)
Train your brain, donate a grain...
it couldn't be easier. I spent about 45 minutes on the page before writing this post and it honestly is a great way to get your brain into gear!
By the way, I cheated at some point and did the german language quiz, but it generated loads of grains, so-
no harm done :)
Go on, folks, you know you want to.

On a silver plate Alpha

Another one without a ramble to go with it. (but believe me, it's building up! lol)
I hope it kind of looks alright!
Download here and enjoy!

cutout alpha

I didn't even mean to do another newspaper alpha, it just kinda happened. No rant to go with this one, I am tired and actually too lazy to walk up two flights of stairs to my bed... disgraceful! (even worse- for the last week or two I was... and still am...- too lazy to bring most of the finished washing upstairs. Let's just say the wardrobes never looked more organized. Or empty, if you absolutely NEED to be judgemental! lol)
Download here and


So... today I thought it might be a clever idea to vac and mop the kitchen. Nice one, right? I always reckoned someone should give me a housewife of the year- award!
I got the vac and gave it a real good go... I had to unclog it twice because Shannons abandoned q- tips got stuck. Why is this cat so keen on q- tips? And why can't I find them before they clog up the vac?
I swiftly avoided mummified toy mice, as there are things that need to remain untouched... the cat owners among you know what I mean. It doesn't take a real, dead little mouse to give me the shivers, the chewed- on toy mice look far too real for my liking. I really love mice, so those mummified things are best ignored.
Where was I? Oh, yeah. So, after the vac had done its job, it was time to get the mop. Where the heck had I left it? Aw, right, in the basement next to the firewood, right where it belongs. Err.
The mop head is one of those sponge things that are supposed to make the job easier... well, not mine, as it had begun its very own process of mummification, so it needed replacing. Who would have thought it takes a screwdriver and 15 minutes of my day to replace a stupid mop head? Well, that job got done eventually.
The new mop head was put to action and I happily scrubbed away... for about 20 seconds, when the bast... bugg... fuc... when the thing fell apart.
I finished the task with the undone spongy thing, on my knees, probably displaying a builders bum and enriching the atmosphere with mumbled swearwords even I had never heard before.
Well, it is all done now, and should I ever move house again, I will make sure the kitchen is so tiny that you can't even turn around in it! Or maybe just get a night job in order to afford a house maid.
So, where's my award, please?

Inspired by soapy water, I came up with a bunch of random bubbles. Not sure if they are of any use, but I kinda like them. Better than actual soap bubbles, trust me on that.

Click image for large preview, download here and enjoy!

Kitchen Towel Alpha

I spent a part of the morning looking for a new job. Out of all those I looked at there was only ONE that intrigued me, and it was too far away for me. Bummer! At the moment, it's dead convenient, the shop is less than a five minute- walk away from the house.
But, guys, I am seriously fed up. Selling bets to gamblers is pretty much comparable to selling drugs to addicts, and just the little fact that it's legal doesn't make it much better.

And even if I didn't feel bad about being a legal drugdealer, there is still a set of circumstances that make me decidedly unhappy. Doing 12 hour shifts on a regular basis, the company not adhering to their own guidelines, being under constant scrutiny with "THEM" just waiting for us to make a mistake so they can discipline us, customers treating us like a bunch of idiots, superiors being paid twice as much for doing half the work (bless them, most pull their weight!), moan, complain, rant.

D'you know, I think I'm just craving a change.
Too bad there are bills to pay, and to make it worse, I forgot to buy a ticket for the EuroMillion lottery last night, so I will have to hang in there for at least another week. I will be on holiday for the week after, which will deffo improve my mood and, bless, that of my poor tortured customers... my boss actually told me off for swearing and being more rude than usual a couple of days ago, and I had to put my hands up guilty.
Not usually like me, so, yeah, I guess looking at other options is in place.

So... you have never tried to cut an alpha out of a kitchen towel? Tsk tsk... :)
Click preview for larger image, the small preview won't show the texture properly, and, if I may say so myself, it's gorgeous!

Download here and, as always,

Aw, by the way... if the file is too large for some of you, let me know and I'll break it down for easier downloading.

Sinne Fianna Fáil

whose lives are pledged to Ireland.

I'm not british, I'm not saxon, I'm not english... (hey, I wonder how many of you recognize the song), but german. I have never been to what is now called Ireland, "only" to Northern Ireland. But something in me belongs there, Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Donegal (another hint, spotted it?)

There are only two holidays I actually like- Hallowe'en and St Paddys Day. Not that I agree with a Roman ex- pat spreading his opinions and killing harmless snakes in a country which is not his. Nor do I appreciate the hype certain companies create to generate some revenue around it. But hey, it's the wearing of the green, very pleasing to the tortured soul of a Celtic- supporter.

Here's three paper packs, green, white and gold. 7 papers in each one, they look a great deal better in the original soze than in the previews, folks..

Sinne Fianna Fáil means, roughly, "Soldiers are we". More martial than I am, but it's Irelands anthem, after all.

I do NOT take sides in any sort of conflict related to Northern Ireland, and I do NOT encourage any kind of violence, extremism, terrorism, sectarianism or whatever ism mankind comes up with. I support a team, I love the "green island" and whoever wants to stir up hatred can get lost. My two cents. I might sound like a hypocrite after hinting (see above), but, folks, I darn well mean it. When cut, we all bleed red.

Geez, guys, I didn't mean to rant! So I better get off, don't forget to
and let me know what you think, good or... not so good. I thrive on your opinions!

Click images for large previews.

Sinne Fianna Fáil green

Sinne Fianna Fáil white

Sinne Fianna Fáil gold

Third time lucky?

I have no idea why rapidshare set a limit of only 10 downloads for BeatIt. This little thing seems to be a jinx!!
Here, guys, try sendspace, I really hope it'll be alright now.
Sorry for all the confusion!
Download BeatIt

New link for "Beat it"

Sorry, guys, 4shared let me down.
Download BeatIt here, please!

Beat it!

4 doodled frames with quotes, 2 elements and 2 word arts. Paper taken from "the show has left town"

Been shedding some tears but I'm feeling kind of alright. I just gotta bury the good memories that little extra bit deeper than the bad ones.

download here and enjoy!

Fair is foul, and foul is fair...

hover through the fog and the filthy air.

Good stuff first: Peaches has given me the award shown above! Thanks, chick, you're a star. This means a lot to me!

And Nachtamazone, I don't need to put stuff in words, do I? x Had you not also been awarded, I would have done so.
People, the freakshow is over. Here's to us, one more toast, and then we'll pay the bill.
I am officially single again, after a weird night involving a smashed window, the police (3 times, once to make an arrest, twice to make sure everything is fine... bless...), a cup of (cold) tea, Mr Moon, Nightwish and cold satin sheets. I am very, very tired but don't want to go to bed, so maybe I post a little freebie later; I have started doodling something that might be worth sharing.
Thanks, everybody, for your lovely comments on my kit, you guys rock!

The show has left town (or is, at least, packing up)

Sorry it took so long, guys. Not all elements are shown, there are 52 altogether, if I counted right.

IT is not really playing a part here, the whole thing just drifted towards the whole behind the mirror- thing and I went along.

I don't get much PC- time at the moment, which partly is due to my job... I work in a bookies just around the corner from my house, and our shop team is more like a bunch of friends than just colleagues, so I end up spending a lot of time there. The customers are mainly locals, too, and most of the time it's like Cheers- Were everybody knows your name. Just without the drinks, what a shame.

At home, things are not always running smoothly, hence the name of the Alpha and kit. The cats are just fine, and as far as everybodys health is concerned, nothing to moan about. Just a bit of reality kicking in, and if you ever got kicked by it, you will probably know what I'm on about.

I have basically decided that I can't spend the rest of my life as a glacier... frozen, most of it hidden beneath the surface. Right now, another nasty heap of earthly matter is more like it, the volcano. Those buggers are stood there peaceful and quiet for aeons, and all of a sudden they erupt, taking everything down that's in their chosen path. Growl.

I let you off, folks, 'nuff said. Gi'z a shout if you like the kit, hate it or think I went wrong somewhere, I thrive on feedback.

Download elements HERE and papers HERE (after clicking images for larger previews, of course)

Thanks for hanging on!
Message for my TDS- girls: Maedels, alles gut. Ich bin dabei, meinen Kerl rauszuschmeissen, was sich als schwieriger als gedacht erweist. Kopf sagt weg damit, Bauch sagt Das Arme Schwein, Herz sagt "ich sach nix!". Ich bin die meiste Zeit auf der Arbeit, und wenn nicht, bearbeitet der Meister den PC, so dass ich nicht wirklich drankann, aber gut und viel zum Lesen komme, was ja so schlecht nicht sein kann. An Eurer Stelle waere ich stinkesauer auf mich, aber ich mag den link nicht aufrufen, weil man(n) ja zur Not immer ein Uebersetzungsprogramm finden kann, was ggfs mehr Nerven kostet als noetig.
Ich hoffe, meine Sandra hat Euch gegruesst, ich vermiss Euch. Aber sobald diese (nicht zuletzt finanzielle) Last von meinen Schultern ist, wird fast alles fuer mich wieder so, wie es war, anders formuliert, ich schmeiss Asi samt Kiste raus, kauf mir nen bloeden Schlepptop und gut is.
Nur eine Frage der Zeit, und ich habe das untruegliche Gefuehl, der letzte Toast ist gesprochen.

The show has left town Upper Case

Each letter has a different texture; there's more to it than just blue, folks!

The kit is growing, slowly, but surely. The paper used for the preview is part of it.

As Britain is drowning in a sea of snow, I am getting up late, getting a helluva lot of late shifts under my belt and not much sleep at all. But did a wise man not say (sing) "I'll sleep when I am dead"?

Tell you what, I miss going to gigs, shouting out lyrics that lurched about in my head for years, paying loads of £££ for warm, stale pints served in plastic jugs, competing with everybody about who sports the most authentic whiff of patchouli and just, as Germans say, let God be a good man. I miss NOT buying merchandise on the premises and then hope for the flying Dutchmen to still be around, two for a tenner, XL fits all.

Not saying I ever attended a friggin Bon Jovi- gig, no, Ma'am. But I rode along the white cliffs with The Who, rang Hells' Bells with AC/DC, got poisoned by Alice Cooper, attended the Monster Party with Die Aerzte, cried for Dana O'Hara with Sonata Arctica, walked in the air with Nightwish, bathed within the light with Scar Symmetry, burned churches with Amon Amarth, found the Temple of Love with the Sisters of Mercy and abandoned ship with Subway to Sally. Just as supporting Glasgow Celtic took me all over Europe, music made me go places, meet people, experience stuff.

Folks, if you read through this rant up until this point, please try and remember one thing- you can bury your true self only for so long. It will rear its head occasionally, triggered by a song, a flick, a smell, a distant memory, a book, a dream. It never goes away, it only rests, just to come back with full force.

I have decided to embrace it. Which obviously means bothering you with lenghty speeches about nothing at all, but hey, deal with it, that's me!

What was I on about... oh yeah, the alpha. Each letter is different, no special characters (as they are included in the lower case) and the kit is making some progress.

Gimme some feedback, folks, I thrive on it. Criticism is more than welcome, otherwise I will never know if/ where/ why I'm going wrong.

Cick image for larger preview and download alpha here.

The show has left town

My preferred way of expressing myself is creating stuff.

Life has been a b!tch recently, and my putting up with it is coming up with a new kit.

This Alpha is the first bit of it, as everything else is not yet quite finished and might not be for a while. But it will be some sort of alliance of Alice behind the mirrors and Stephen Kings IT.

Guys, amI the only one freaked out by clowns?

For those of you who know me, please don't worry.

I might be enigmatic, but everybody is healthy, the cats are just fine (and that's what matters most!) and nothing has happened that could bring the world to an untimely end.

The paper used for the preview is part of the new kit, and the Alpha features a few special characters.

I think it might best be used with a tad of transparency, but I thought I would leave it up to you guys.

The watercolour texture is by SadMonkeyDesign, eerily fitting my gloomy mood at the moment.
You get 25 different textures, lower case. Gimme a shout if upper case is required!

Enjoy, folks, thanks for bearing with me.

Click image for larger preview and DOWNLOAD HERE

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