Violets are blue

I bought these little beauties this weekend to brighten up my garden a little; hope you like them as much as I do!
The .rar- file contains 3 single .png- files.


Alpha "Celtic"

I'll spend 4 days in Belfast next month, and my mind is already SO set on this trip that I was inspired to do something irish. And with no Guinness in the fridge and Glasgow Celtic not playing today, I created this Celtic- Alpha.
Hope you like it!
Some of the upper case letters have a little "Claddagh"- piercing! ;)

Download .rar

Alpha "Paper"

The background used for the preview was made by CafeDigi and can be found in her awesome life's journey- kit.

Hope you enjoy!

Download "Paper"

Alpha "Cozy" Lower

The second part of the "Cozy" Alpha. The pattern is slightly different, yet taken from the same bed linen ;)

Download .rar

Alpha "Cozy" Upper

Hey folks...
I guess some of you remember me ;)
Here we go with the first freebie for ages. It's called "Cozy"; the pattern is actually my bed linen :)

The lower case- Alpha and numbers are to follow over the next few days.
Hope you enjoy!

Download .rar

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