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to my followers, readers and occasional visitors.
There will be a helluva lot more stuff soon,but...
Hey, let's face it, since the recession is roaring, Xmas is near and the only thing we have an abundance of is excuses...
I am waiting eagerly for pay day (yay, there will be a bonus for my 100% attendance over the last 12 months!!) to purchase the full version of the latest PhotoImpact, my favourite prog for Alphas.
I am yet to learn how to do proper kits, and I do not think there will be any more attempts before I actually know what I am doing.
No worries, peeps, I have no intention of going commercial, this is my hobby and sharing my stuff with you is enough by far, no plans of getting into your wallets.
So... I shall use my bonus to purchase a laptop (since I am currently sharing the pc with my dearest bf because my DEAREST!! kitten took a leak on my laptop, any questions?) plus PI, and sooner than you think there is some new stuff by lisbonlioness. Err.
Hey, stay tuned, pay day is Friday!!
(yeah, and I gotta work 12 hours on Friday, 12 hours on Saturday and will be dead on Sunday, but never you mind, gals, I am dead set on a certain alpha already)

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German ex pat in West Yorkshire, I am living with The Man and 5 crackpot cats in Leeds. When I'm not "improving" something with spray paint and a glue gun or hide behind either a book or a PC screen, I am the deputy (mis)manager of a local bookie. (hey, all those glue sticks aren't free, and a job's a job- or so I keep telling myself!) Feel free to drop me a line, I love to hear from all you guys out there!