The Glitz

Glitter and tin foil- don't tell me you can resist!
Click pic for download, approx 30 different .png- sheets.


Just some random stuff I came up with some time ago. Click the preview for download.
4 separate .png- files;
Enjoy ;)

Colour my heart

Anybody up for Valentine's Day? ;) Click picture for download. You'll get a .rar- file containing one .png- sheet with 8 hearts on it.

Good girls, bad girls

Another little Word Art for you guys. Click the picture for download!

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German ex pat in West Yorkshire, I am living with The Man and 5 crackpot cats in Leeds. When I'm not "improving" something with spray paint and a glue gun or hide behind either a book or a PC screen, I am the deputy (mis)manager of a local bookie. (hey, all those glue sticks aren't free, and a job's a job- or so I keep telling myself!) Feel free to drop me a line, I love to hear from all you guys out there!