OK, so I messed up

I have been... unavailable for a little while. A big little while. Ages.

My life has changed a helluva lot, in a few bits for the worse, in many bits for the better.

I effed off many friends by not responding to mails and even text messages from abroad, feeling too comfy in my self- chosen reclusion. Maybe a (massive) tad guilty...

Here's my first attempt at a fresh start. It'll be slow and painstaking, as I really don't want to explain why I went into hiding. It wasn't even a big thing, just a long, long list of small things.

Never mind.

With Havamal, I messed up quite a bit. The Readme is formatted wrongly, one element is missing (the diary in the preview, but to make up for it, some more elements are not shown in the preview) and there's prolly more stray pixels than useful stuff, but this one wants to be published. Now.
Click preview for download and please don't hesistate to leave me your comments, good or bad.
As the (wrongly formatted) readme explains, this is my first shot at psp and coming up with some sort of kit a little more upscale from what I offered before.
My pc time is utterly limited, so I might have cut some corners.
PU only, unless you wanna use anything to publish it in another freebie.
Remember, credit where credit is due as I used many CU freebies from a bunch of designers, so please be careful.

Have fun, folks. With Oden by our sides. (c) Amon Amarth

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German ex pat in West Yorkshire, I am living with The Man and 5 crackpot cats in Leeds. When I'm not "improving" something with spray paint and a glue gun or hide behind either a book or a PC screen, I am the deputy (mis)manager of a local bookie. (hey, all those glue sticks aren't free, and a job's a job- or so I keep telling myself!) Feel free to drop me a line, I love to hear from all you guys out there!