A little birdie told me...

... that I might as well give another one away before I disappear (kind of)

Here it is, "Birdie". Most characters feature a cute, little bird and pretty snowflakes.

You get a-z, 0-9 and quite a few special characters, shimmering silvery and looking quite extravagant, if you want my 2 cents.

Click image for larger preview and download here.

Have fun, leave me some love if you like my stuff!


40 pieces, 10 each made of metal, glass, blue glitter'n glass and multicolour glitter'n glass.

My dears, in a few hours I'm gonna pick my Mum up at the airport, and what is to follow is a week full of shopping, cooking, photographing and whatnot. So I will probably be MIA for a while, make sure you miss me! :)

Click image to DL and, as always, have fun!

Metal alphas

One in red, one in green. A few special characters as well.

I was sooo lucky! I treated myself to a graphics tablet, and it came with PhotoImpact 12 SE! Best bit is,I didn't even know till I looked at it closely when I got home.

ALDI, gotta love it.
Click preview for DL and enjoy!

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